Biographical Information
Name: Cameo
Demon: Misery (former)
Status: Immortal
Residence: Budapest
Realm of Blood & Shadows
Allegiance: Lords of the Underworld
Significant Other: Lazarus
Torin (former)
Kane (former)
Alexander † (former)
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Silver
Height: 5'7"
First Appearance: Darkest Night


Cameo is a beautiful woman with long black hair and eyes the color of silver. However it is difficult to look at her because it seems as if all the sorrow of the world seeps through the pores of her body and invades the hearts of others. Her butterfly tattoo is on the lower back, with wings extending around both hips.


While she is strong and fierce, being possessed by Misery has made her voice sound so "sad" that it can make others want to kill themselves.


Cameo is the only woman who belonged to the original group of Lords of the Underworld. She is currently possessed by the demon of Misery.

Like the others, Cameo is an immortal warrior who once protected the dimOuniak. But unlike others, she did not care that the gods had chosen a woman, but that the woman selected had not been her. The last smile she had was when they decided to turn on Pandora.

For a while Cameo and Kane dated but because of their demons they had to break off the relationship. Since then Kane has became her best friend and confidant. She also had a "little romance" with Torin. However this ended when Torin meet Keeley.

In the Darkest Touch Cameo begins to develop feels for Lazarus.


  • Embodiment of Misery (former)